Hi, Please enjoy my website. I will be adding content and info so bookmark it now so you can come back and enjoy it all.

Gypsy Jazz Guitar. Keep it swinging.
I like to get swinging on that guitar. Check out some of music on the samples page. I have been lucky enough to do some recording with some old Selmer guitars. #507, #861 and #142.

Straight Ahead Jazz with other combo's
I also like to play straight ahead swinging jazz on the electric guitar. Check out the samples. Contact me if you have any questions, want to purchase a CD or want me to come and perform for you.

Other Music Experiments with other genres and instruments and styles
I also like to play some acoustic chilled out sounds like what you are hearing on this page. This piece is called Ballykenefick. You can hear the full track on the downloads page. I also like to mess around with the trumpet you can hear that on the downloads page as well.
I am giving away a lot of music for FREE on the downloads page.